Current As of April 22, 2022

All-In Nutritionals welcomes new retail partners and requires that all partners understand and adhere to the following retail policies and guidelines. These retail policies are designed to protect our valuable retail customers. Please submit questions via email to


1. $100 minimum order (after all discounts have been applied)

2. Orders are processed with 24 hours of receipt and shipped within 48 hours of processing

3. Holding Orders: All-In Nutritionals will hold incomplete orders in our system for 5 business days. Any order not completed within 5 business days will be cancelled. Every attempt will be made to resolve the situation prior to cancelling an order. Orders may be held for the following reasons:

a. Order does not meet $100 minimum requirement

b. Credit card provided is invalid/declined

c. Past due and unpaid invoices

4. Orders are shipped by UPS Ground, USPS, Fed Ex, or DHL unless otherwise specified at the time of ordering. Distribution of any type outside of the US is prohibited

5. Retailers may request expedited shipping at an additional fee

6. Orders over 300 units (600 for smaller products) will be palletized and shipped via most appropriate method


Opening Order Pricing and Discounts

All-In Nutritionals is proud to offer a 50% margin brand! Please see your professional Sales Representative for all discounts, including all opening order discounts, line extension discounts, and special promotions, advertisements, and other discounts. 


All new accounts are required to provide credit card payment for a minimum of six months. All-In Nutritionals accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover & American Express. Retailers may apply for Net 30 credit terms, subject to approval by All-In Nutritionals. Based on your credit history with us, All-In Nutritionals has the right to change your credit terms without notice at our discretion.ALL-IN NUTRITIONALS,  LLC. 888.400.0333 • info@allinnutritionals.com14 E Main St,  3rd fl.,  Springfield,  OH 45502


All-In Nutritionals requires Authorized Resellers adhere to recommended storage conditions and accepts returns of damaged product or product returned by consumers. All-In Nutritionals does not accept return of expired product. Authorized Resellers must contact All-In Nutritionals’ Customer Service Department to receive a RETURN AUTHORIZATION. All product returns must be accompanied with the following information:product name, item number, expiration date, and the reason for the return. Authorized returned product will be credited to the account as outlined below:

• Consumer Returned Product

-100% consumer satisfaction is guaranteed on all products

-Credited to the account at the current purchase price

• Damaged Product

-Return request must be submitted within 15 days of purchase order

-Credited at the current purchase price


All-In Nutritionals offers extensive sales support programs to support in-store sales. These programs include: in-store demonstrations, promotional discounts, co-operative advertising, in-store event support, and in-field education for retail staff and consumers, targeted social media marketing and more. Contact your All-In Nutritionals Sales Representative for more information.


Authorized Resellers are authorized to sell only to Consumers. Sales to third-party resellers or third-party websites are strictly prohibited unless authorized, in writing, by All-In Nutritionals.


To protect the interests of the All-In Nutritionals brand and to support all customers, All-In Nutritional requires that all accounts adhere to our Global Minimum Advertising and Pricing (MAP) policy. This policy states that Authorized Resellers must advertise All-In Nutritionals products at discounts no greater than 15% off current MSRP to on-line consumers. For details, please see our Global Minimum Advertising and Pricing (MAP) Policy.