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All-In Nutritionals™ is proud to offer Total Digestive Bulk Plus, a unique and beneficial digestive support formula. Made with healthy amounts of 6 organic, plant-based ingredients that have been used and praised for centuries for their health benefits including digestive promoting and detoxification support. * We don't use plastic bottles, therefore, enjoy your Total Digestive Bulk Plus, delivered to your door in a beautiful resealable pouch.

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    Our unique Total Digestive Bulk Plus features:

    The unique addition of L-Glutamine at 1000 mg per serving makes this a one-of-a-kind, advanced GI formula. L-Glutamine is known to support your immune system function and studies show, it also supports the entire lining of our digestive track. *

    Fennel has been added to create balance in the formula and the gut. * Fennel is an important balancing herb, which makes this product perfect for everyday use.

    Psyllium is shown to support healthy bowel movements and help sweep and purify the entire digestive system. *

    Mucilage herbs (like slippery elm and marshmallow) are shown to support the soothing, calming, and strengthening of the entire digestive system. *

    This formula contains ginger (a heat generating herb), known to encourage efficient digestion, so food does not linger and sit in the gut. *