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Our Kefir in the Trillions™ is a Proprietary Probiotic Starter with a minimum of 12 Trillion+ live, viable cultures in each vial, at time of manufacture! Every 1 oz vial contains our Proprietary Kefir in the Trillions™ Starter - you will process the second fermentation in the comfort of your home, using your favorite, natural sugar juice or beverage combination or by following one of our favorite recipes found below.
*Please scroll down for detailed instructions on this process.

Available for purchase in case packs of 6, 12 & 24.

Our Kefir is so potent, it just gets stronger and stronger as the Kefir grains continue to multiply. You can control the potency of your Kefir in the Trillions™!

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Unique and beneficial probiotics in the millions? No. In the billions?? Nope! In the TRILLIONS!!

We have spent many years and countless hours perfecting our unique, unmatched, and unrivaled, completely natural and unadulterated fermentation process. Our process is built upon the naturally occurring and very beneficial microbes that are found in our organic kefir grains and in nature. We've mastered the art of fermentation! *

At All-In, we strive to create the most perfect and pristine environment for these life-enhancing microbes to grow, thrive, and proliferate. Our process is completed when we deliver this amazing, LIVE, Probiotic Starter right to your doorstep and kitchen counter, where the important second fermentation process begins, ending in a Product that assists in the refeeding and rebuilding of your gut-microbiome. Enjoy! You will feel the benefits of these 12 TRILLION + potent and beneficial microorganisms derived  from nature and our natural fermentation process. 

Our unique Kefir in the Trillions™ features:

Each completed 16-32 oz bottle will contain TRILLIONS of CFUs (colony forming units)!

No sterilized, dead, laboratory made, freeze-dried, or overprocessed probiotics!

Follow your gut and feel great with All-In's super-potent Kefir in the Trillions!*

This living pre and probiotic kefir starter is hand-crafted in very small batches for the highest quality product!

​Our fermentation process is unique only to All-In and guarantees live cultures that are still alive!

Our Kefir in the Trillions™ does NOT contain:

Harmful Chemicals 

Artificial Colors


Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial Sugars

Sucrose or Dextrose




Stevia - no bitter aftertaste 

Fillers or Binders


Dairy or Lactose

Eggs or Animal 

Peanuts or other common allergens




Artificial Preservatives

Irradiated Ingredients

That's All-Out!



All-In Nutritionals™ offers a truly one of a kind, pure, potent and clean product delivered to your 
door in beautiful, eco-friendly box with 6 glass vials.

Kefir in the Trillions™ Starter

Makes 1 16oz or 1 32oz bottle

  • 1, 1 oz vial of Kefir in the Trillions™ starter for 16 oz bottle
  • 2, 1 oz vials of Kefir in the Trillions™ starter for 32 oz bottle
  • 12-28 ounces of organic fruit juice or coconut water (with the least additives possible). The amount of juice will depend on if you are using a 16 oz or 32 oz glass bottle. You will need enough liquid to fill your bottle up to the bottom of the bottle-neck. We recommend you watch the "How-To" video on this process before continuing.
  • Juice or beverage used must contain a minimum of 9 grams of sugar per serving
  • If you wanted a "lighter" final product, you can add/mix water to your juice.
  • If using a juice or coconut water that is low in sugar, or if diluting your juice with water, you can add a small amount of organic honey or organic, raw sugar. Simply mix with juice or water to dissolve before adding to your bottle. This will assure you are over 9 grams of sugar, which is needed for proper, second fermentation.

Prep: 5 minutes
Culturing: 1-5 days, depending on the ambient temperature

One thick 16 oz or 32 oz swing-top, glass bottle, made for brewing.

Click here to purchase your All-In Kefir Glass Bottle. Available in two sizes: 16oz and 32oz.

Store your Kefir in the Trillions™ starter in a warm, dark place in your kitchen until you're ready to use it. Please use all room-temperature vials within 45 days of receiving.

  • Add Kefir in the Trillions™ starter using a funnel into your swing top bottle - 2 vials of Kefir in the Trillions™ for a 32 oz bottle and 1 vial for a 16 oz bottle.
  • Add correct ratio of juice or beverage of choice into swing top bottle using funnel.
  • Be sure to leave at least 2-3 inches of headspace in the neck of your bottle. Secure the top.
  • Let ferment until well carbonated and tangy (about 3 days). In colder homes, fermentation might take 5 days or more. Important! Gently 'burp' the bottle daily to release the pressure, then secure the top again. DO NOT SHAKE!
  • When ready, place in the fridge to slow down the fermentation.
  • You can enjoy the drink right away, but keep it stored in the fridge, and keep popping the top gently daily to release pressure, if needed. Consume within 3-4 weeks.


A Symphony of Gut-Health Delights

Elevate Your Beverage Experience with our favorite Kefir in the Trillions™ Recipes

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Our clean formula and unique and proprietary fermentation process. 

At All-In Nutritionals™, we believe in pure, potent and effective products, which is why this Kefir starter is delivering live, viable, and beneficial pro and prebiotic cultures in the TRILLIONS, versus the millions or billions!

This product contains beneficial organisms and is designed to help you feel gooddo good, and be your best!* This bubbly, LIVING Kefir starter is small-batch manufactured, completely and naturally dairy, wheat, gluten, and soy free, and tested for potency, purity, and live, viable cultures.

Find your strong gut-brain axis with All-In's Kefir in the Trillions™.* 


*This product does not qualify for promotion programs, promo codes, or any other discounts.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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