All-In Kefir Glass Bottle
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Grab your 16oz or 32oz Glass Kefir Bottle, designed for the second fermentation of of your homemade, refreshing Kefir beverage using our proprietary Kefir in the Trillions™ starter. This swing-top bottle is crafted with quality and functionality in mind. These dishwasher safe, reusable bottles are the key to nurturing thriving kefir cultures right in the comfort of your home.

Experience the joy of crafting your own Kefir in the Trillions™ with our Glass Kefir Bottles – available in 16oz or 32oz sizes. Cheers to a healthier and tastier lifestyle!

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Details and features

Constructed from high-quality, thick glass, our Kefir Bottles ensure that you can observe the mesmerizing fermentation process while maintaining a hygienic and secure environment for your kefir starter. The transparent design allows you to witness and monitor the transformation into a probiotic-rich kefir drink, creating an engaging and educational experience for kefir enthusiasts of all levels.

Equipped with a secure and airtight swing-top lid, our Glass Kefir Bottle guarantees optimal conditions for the fermentation process, preventing contaminants from compromising the purity of your Kefir in the Trillions™. The lid is designed for easy handling, making it convenient to open and close to check your Kefir and burb your bottle during the fermentation and storage phases.

The narrow neck ensures controlled pouring, minimizing spills and allowing for precise serving measurements.


Size 16 oz Bottle or 32 oz Bottle