All-In Ionic-Mineral Shower™
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Introducing the revolutionary, All-In Ionic Mineral Shower™!
Beautifully packaged with everything you need for easy installation!

This is not just another trendy gadget. Designed by a Doctor of Naturopathy and Certified Nutritionist who specializes in creating unique, comprehensive, and effective supplements and natural health solutions, this Ionic-Mineral Shower is like nothing you've seen before!

We are confronted with chemicals and toxins every day in our modern lives. Many do not realize that this includes the water we shower in. This cutting-edge showerhead not only creates the ultimate spa experience in the comfort of your own home, it also alkalinizes and infuses your water with vitalizing negative ions and essential minerals, while filtering the toxins and chemicals out of your water- no more breathing or soaking these toxins into our body!

Find the POWER of the SHOWER!
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    Most tap water showers are filled with harsh chemicals and toxins, which dry out our skin and hair, and allow these toxins to soak in through our pores during a shower. With the enhanced purifying and re-mineralizing effects of our All-In Ionic-Mineral Shower, you will quickly restore BALANCE to your body - inside and out!

    The ​All-In Ionic-Mineral 

    Power Shower

    • Increases circulation due to enhanced water pressure
    • Removes impurities from your water like chlorine, fluoride, heavy metals, and more!
    • Alkalinizes your water, creating the perfect pH!
    • Helps soften your skin and hair - no more dry, frizzy hair or tight, dry skin after a shower!



    ​Tourmaline is a mineral that stimulates microcirculation thanks to a physical phenomenon of absorption of body heat that is re-emitted in the form or Far Infrared Rays (FIR) to the benefit of cells and tissues.


    The Anion mineral stone alkalinizes your water, changing the pH. This altered pH level improves the quality of your water, which is beneficial for your overall health and also supports softer, more elastic skin.


    Made of Calcium sulfite, the Ceramic Energy Stone emits far infrared rays, helping remove residual chlorine in your water as well as other impurities, while alkalinizing your water and creating the perfect pH.

    When showering in toxic, chemical-laden water, we not only ABSORB these chemicals through our skin, we also BREATHE them into our lungs! 

    With our Ionic-Mineral Shower, those days are GONE!




    Alkaline Ceramic Stones

    The third-generation alkaline balls are made of inorganic mineral materials, prepared using microporous slow-release technology and temperature control technology. These ceramics help produce 10 tons of alkaline water! 

    3rd Generation Alkaline Ceramic Granule

    Makes water alkaline (PH value is 8-10.5), removes bad smells in the water, generates antioxidants and releases more than 20 types of mineral microelements, such as Calcium, Zinc, and Selenium. Creates activated water containing benefical minerals!

    Calcium Sulfite Ceramic Stones

    High purity chlorine removal Ball with above 90% Calcium Sulfite.
    High Efficiency removes 100% residual chlorine in 0.2 seconds.
    Remove bad smells, bad taste, impurities, and organic matter.
    High hardness, non-dust, high performance in high water pressure.
    Stability up to 100C, safely used under the condition of wide PH value.

    ORP Magnesium Stones

    Contains a variety of metals with different potential values. Under the joint action, the water has a low or negative oxidation-reduction potential, forming negative potential water. When in contact with water, the generated hydrogen dissolves into the water to form hydrogen-rich water. Performs micro-electrolysis of water, and the remaining hydroxide ions are in the water to form alkaline water.

    Tourmaline Ceramic Stones

    Tourmaline ceramic balls boost activation and activity in your water as well as essential minerals with Ca,Mg,Li,Zn Se, Sr, etc., which are needed by the human body. It is widely used in water purification, portable water filters, alkaline water bottles, dietary water bags, water filter pitchers, spas, and household water purification systems for bath & cosmetic purposes. Supports digestion while activating water.

    Zeolite Ceramic Stones

    Have a high performance of absorption, purification, and catalyst properties. Has absorption properties such as working as a drying agent, absorption separation agent, molecular sieve (purification of gas and liquid), and deodorzier. Ion Exchange Properties such as water softening, fluoride removal, wastewater and sewage treatment, heavy metal removal, desalination. 

    ORP Rich Hydrogen Stones

    ORP ceramic balls help reduce the ORP and increase the pH to create alkaline, antioxidant water. When a small amount of ORP balls are soaked in water, the water molecules will be broken down, and a large amount of OH-root ions will be generated.
    It is widely used in water purifiers, potable water filters, antioxidant potable water for beauty and health, hydrogen water bottles, hydrogen mist, functional shower filters, and more.

    Fluoride Removal Media

    These activated, aluminum-based balls are a porous and highly dispersed composite solid material. Its rich specific surface area can quickly absorb fluoride ions and fluoride in water and form a stable fluorine complex, so as to achieve the effect of Fluoride Removal.



    The surface-modified alloy particles can kill all kinds of bacteria and viruses with high efficiency and spectrum, and the bacteriostatic rate is as high as 99.99%, and at the same time, it can effectively remove soluble heavy metal ions in water. These are widely used in water purifiers, showers, faucet water purifiers, kettles, humidifiers, etc.

    Negative Ion Ceramic Stones

    Negative Ion ceramic balls split water clusters and excite the water molecules turning tap water into activated water. They release over 20 kinds of necessary trace elements for the human body. These are widely used in water purifier filters, shower filters, water filter pitchers, alkaline water bottles, househould water purification for bath & cosmetic. 

    Maifan Mineral Ceramic Stones

    Maifan Mineral ceramic balls are formulated with many types of natural mineral powders such as maifan powder material, quartz, plagioclase and kaolin, which are sintered by high temperature. Maifan stone balls could boost activation in your water as well as add essential minerals needed by the human body. They also raise PH value to 7.0-7.5, which is close to neutral or alkaline.
    These are widely used in water purifier filters, functional water bottles, dietary water bags, mineral portable waters, aquaculture and other industries.

    Vitamin C Ceramic Stones

    Vitamin C balls stimulate the enzyme activities to enhance enzyme catalysis, thereby improving metabolism. At the same time, VC ceramic ball are rich in vitamin C, promoting digestion and absorption of nutrients, strengthening the human body.
    It is widely used in water purifiers, shower filters, water pitchers, portable water filters, swimming pools, bath clubs, etc.

    Far Infrared Ceramic Stones

    Far Infrared ceramic balls increase the emission rate of far infrared by more than 90% in water to achieve molecule resonance. This resonance splits water clusters and excites the water molecules turning tap water into activated water. They also generate negative ions ranging from 1500 to 2000 p/s cm3, increase oxygen content and release over 20 kinds of essential trace elements for human bodies.
    It is widely used in water purifier filters, water filter pitchers, alkaline water bottles, functional shower filters, household water purification for bath & cosmetic, etc.

    Metasilicate Acid Media

    Silicon is a necessary trace element for the human body. Silicon has low solubility in water, and it is generally stored in water in the form of Metasilicate. These metasilicate particles are composed of metasilicate, kaolin, and other materials, and are made through high-temperature sintering. Through formulations and process craft improvement, they add, not only trace elements of metasilicate to your water, but also create alkalanized water.


    Step 1

    Unscrew the bottom section of shower head handle from the head.

    Step 2

    Your Cotton PP Filter comes filled with 3 Mineral Stones. To replace or refill stones, simply remove the Cotton PP Filter & remove lid/top​.
    Fill hollow, middle section of Filter with Mineral Stones & replace lid/top. Purchase Extra Filters

    Step 3

    Replace Mineral Stone filled Filter in shower head handle & screw back on. Your Ionic-Mineral Shower is ready to use! We recommend you replace your Cotton PP filter every 30 days and replace your Mineral Stone blend every 3 months.

    Now you can take your daily routine to new heights of relaxation, rejuvenation, and wellness. The All-In Ionic-Mineral Shower was designed to elevate your bathing ritual, transforming your shower into a pH balanced, spa-like oasis, while softening your skin and hair and removing toxins and chemicals from your water.

    All-In Ionic-Mineral Shower™ Features:

     Up to 200% increased water flow/pressure

     Improves hair and skin health, look, and feel

     One-click water stop feature

     3 shower-head modes for a spa and massage like experience

     SOFTENS, MINERALIZES, AND IONIZES your water, skin, and hair!

     Your water will go through a 4-point filtration system before touching your skin!


    Especially as it relates to our lungs, eyes, skin, hair, and sweat glands. Some medical professionals claim that during a short 10 minute shower, you can absorb up to 8 glasses of water into your skin and 6 times more chlorine than when drinking a glass of tap water, as the chlorine soaks into your pores and goes directly into your blood stream! Over the long-term, this is simply not healthy internally OR externally.

    Every All-In Ionic-Mineral Shower™ comes ready to use! Every box contains:

     1- Ionic-Mineral Shower Head Starter-pack of 3 filtration stones & minerals

     Shower Head Attachments, including the hose, for easy installation in any shower

     1- Cotton PP Filter - A polypropylene cotton filter for filtration of sediment, rust, silt and other impurities in your water

     UPGRADE YOUR IONIC-MINERAL SHOWER with our EXCLUSIVE mineral refill packs that contain a 14-PHASE, PROPRIETARY blend of natural, bioactive minerals, stones, and ceramics for ENHANCED FILTRATION

    These filtration refill packs contain:

    • Alkaline-Calcium Stones
    • Calcium Sulfite
    • Magnesium
    • Tourmaline
    • Zeolite
    • Hydrogen Rich ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) Stones
    • Fluoride Removal Stones
    • KDF-55 Filtration Stones (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion - Copper-Zinc) 
    • Negative Ion Generation Stones
    • Maifan Mineral Stones
    • Vitamin C
    • Far Infrared Stones
    • Metasilicic Acid Stones
    • CaSO3 Calcium Sulfite Chlorine Removal Stones

     Replacement PP Cotton Filters and Enhanced Filtration mineral refill packs are available in our shop HERE

    All-In Ionic-Mineral Shower™ is designed to filter and soften your water while reducing bacteria, heavy
     metals, chlorine, fluoride, and other unwanted contaminates while creating a luxurious, ionic, mineral
      rich shower that massages you and increases circulation!

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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