The Alkalinity and Mineral Program Monthly Subscription
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This convenient, Alkalinity and Mineral Program includes:
• Jungle Greens Plus: a pure and potent, green superfood formula with 4 unique and proprietary blends that support alkalinity, recovery, and wellbeing. *
• Mag Bicarb: totally unique and easy to digest and assimilate, Magnesium, Potassium Bicarbonate and Electrolyte product! *
• Vitalized Gold: uniquely made with structured water and pure 99.99% gold! Known in ancient times as the "Elixir of Life"! *

1 x All-In Jungle Greens +
1 x All-In Mag Bicarb
1 x All-In Vitalized Gold

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    The Alkalinity and Mineral Program features:

    All-In Jungle Greens

    33 potent, pure and natural superfoods and plants including heroic amounts of Organic Chlorella and Organic Spirulina.

    This unique and potent formula helps to assure that we get our daily intake of the ever important, dark, leafy green vegetables needed for optimal health.

    All-In Mag Bicarb

    Contains 420 milligrams of Magnesium (100% daily value!) that supports muscle and nerve function and energy production!

    Contains 235 milligrams of Potassium to support the muscular and nervous systems and fluid balance.

    An Alkalinizing and Electrolyte formula uniquely designed to dissolve and infuse into carbonated water.

    All-In Vitalized Gold

    All-In Vitalized Gold contains only two ingredients: 99.99% pure gold and pure triple filtered, vapor distilled, structured water!

    Our small batch Vitalized Gold is created using a sophisticated electrolysis process to develop the smallest possible Gold Nano-particles for maximum intake and utilization.

    All-In Jungle Greens Plus
    All-In Jungle Greens is slightly sweetened with Coconut Sugar and Monk Fruit and has a fresh, clean flavor, derived from natural fruit extract. 

    We have very strong and potent amounts of the most critical Green Superfoods: Organic Chlorella and Organic Spirulina.

    We have blended unique and beneficial ingredients found in no other greens product on the market: PeakO2 - a Proprietary blend of 6 mushrooms, healthy fat and MCT oils from coconut milk, Organic Ashwagandha Root, Organic Turmeric Root, Organic Baobab Fruit, Organic Jaboticaba Fruit and even Coffee Berry Extract, just to name a few.

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    All-In Mag Bicarb 
    The uniqueness of this product is found in the pure, raw materials that we import from the Dead Sea and the natural chemical reaction created when mixing these pure minerals into carbonated water. The process is amazing, and the results are even more amazing! You will witness this pure magnesium and potassium react with the carbonated water and fully infuse into the water! After only a few, short hours, all of the carbonation will be gone from the bottle. The cloudy, milky looking water will be transformed into a clear, pristine, and extremely bioavailable Magnesium with Potassium infused water.

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    All-In Vitalized Gold
    There has never been a better time to incorporate Colloidal Gold into your daily life. All-In Nutritionals has mastered the science and art of Colloidal Gold production, taking its “Vitalized Gold” to the next level.
    We filter our water through a double UV sanitizing system. Our entire process is completely plastic-free. After vapor distillation, our water is structured/vitalized (brought back to life!) and ready for pure gold. 

    Every single All-In Vitalized Gold batch is tested for quality numerous times before, during, and after manufacturing.

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    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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