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Agapē Herbals™ Adapt gets its name because its an adaptogenic formula designed to support energy, focus and mood. Adapt works on identifying the underlying cause - supporting stressed and exhausted adrenals in your body that are responsible for making energy in the first place. *

We apologize- due to high-demand, this product is currently out of stock. Each bottle of Adapt takes approximately 2 weeks to make, as we process this in very small, fresh batches. We anticipate it will be back in stock no later than 3/8/24.

Our 33-acre Health Campus in Springfield, Ohio was affected by severe storms and tornados and took on some damages. We are quickly putting operations back in order, but due to our fresh, small-batch manufacturing processes, will have to make a handful of our products unavailable for a short period of time. We appreciate your understanding and patience. Please stay tuned and make sure to check back for updates here and on social media. Thank you!

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    Nothing but the cleanest & most potent ingredients:


    Used for thousands of years to support energy in the body, as well as strengthen it. Schisandra is also know to support the liver, which can help with stamina and endurance during sports.*


    Part of the Ginseng family, commonly known as Siberian Ginseng, Eleuthero root may support energy and vitality in the body. Well known as an adaptogen, this supports the body's response to stress and the regulation of the body’s natural homeostasis. *


    Used for thousands of years by native cultures in Ecuador and throughout the Amazon regions of South America, it is known for its pleasant taste, alkalizing properties, natural energy support, and calming/focusing support properties. *


    Gradually supports the nervous system and brain function. Best known for its ability to support  concentration, focus, and cognition. *


    Supports the adrenal glands, without depleting them. Assists in supporting the body with handling stressful situations, while also helping it adapt. One of the most unique herbs as studies show it lends support to the entire glandular system. *

    no chemicals.  no artificial colors.  no fillers or binders. no GMOs.

    no artificial sweeteners.  no herbicides.

    no pesticides.  no fungicides.  no gluten.  no eggs.  no yeast.

    no heavy metals.  no wheat.  

    no corn.  no artificial preservatives.  no irradiated ingredients.

    no artificial sugars. no sucrose. no dextrose. 

    get the idea?

    Want to see our ACTUAL label? No problem, here it is...

    Yes, we use glass jars and bottles. We probably don't need to explain that one.



    Step 1

    Take 1 dropper full 2 times per day, preferably with food, or as directed by your qualified healthcare professional.

    Step 2

    Congratulate yourself and allow your body to ADAPT! *


    Made with some of the world's most unique Adaptogens, masterfully blended in one formula. 

    Don't recognize these herbs? Haven't heard of many of them? They're amazing and you'll want to research and learn more about each and every one. 

    Adaptogens help your body adapt to it's environment. This particular set of herbs is designed to support energy, focus and mood, while the adaptogens support identifying the underlying cause - supporting stressed and exhausted adrenals and glands in your body that are responsible for making energy in the first place. *

    Adapt is a beautiful blend for supporting energy, stress, focus and more, that we need to thrive daily. *

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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